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2018 Membership Drive

ALL Officers and Warrant Officers of the Vermont Army and Air National Guard


NGAUS is the nation’s oldest military association. Militia officers formed it in 1878 to obtain better equipment and training by petitioning Congress for more resources. Today, with a membership of 45,000 Guard officers, NGAUS continues that mission in support of nearly 464,000 current Guard men and women, as well as their families, employers and all Guard retirees.

NGAUS members provide the backbone and guidance NGAUS needs as it ensures the National Guard receives the best and latest equipment; maintains readiness through comprehensive personnel initiatives; receives proper missions as part of the Total Force; and fights for equitable retirement programs that give Guardsmen the support they have earned. Commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Army and Air National Guard are eligible for NGAUS membership. Historically, nearly all eligible Guard officers have paid their dues and belonged to NGAUS.

The strength of NGAUS has been its united membership. As the voice of the National Guard on Capitol Hill, NGAUS provides a path for National Guard men and women to elevate their local concerns to a national and influential audience in Washington, D.C. These are just a few of the important initiatives that NGAUS supports:

  • Tricare for drill status Soldiers and Airmen
  • Post 9/11 GI bill, modern dual use equipment
  • Better Military Pay Compensation

2018 membership rates (State/Federal assessments are due concurrently):

WO1 $ 40   O1 $ 42   O6 $ 138
CW2 $ 50   O2 $ 59   O7 $ 157
CW3 $ 63   O3 $ 78   O8 $ 177
CW4 $ 79   O4 $ 93     
CW5 $ 95   O5 $ 110    

(Take advantage of the early membership payment incentive, 10% before 31 March)

Online at www.ngavt.org, Rates are automatically adjusted per the incentive timeline.

Here is just a sampling what NGA-VT has been involved in:  the Military Ball, scholarships, the Spirit of Ethan Allen cruise, the company grade mixer, and the NGA-VT annual COL Alan J. Leclair memorial golf tournament. 

Please help make our National Guard even stronger by joining today!


Maj Jason T. Galipeau
President, NGA-VT

2018 Annual National Guard Association Dues
Pay Grade Rank State National Total
0-8 Major General
0-7 Brigadier General
0-6 Colonel
0-5 Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
0-4 Major (MAJ)
0-3 Captain (CPT)
0-2 1st Lieutenant (1LT)
0-1 2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
CW5 Chief Warrant Officer
CW4 Chief Warrant Officer
CW3 Chief Warrant Officer
CW2 Chief Warrant Officer
W01 Warrant Officer

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