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Application for Corporate Membership

Any company, firm, organization or corporation may apply for membership contingent on approval by the NGA-VT Board of Directors and payment of an annual corporate associate fee. Approved applicants will receive a certificate of Corporate Associate membership. Corporate Associates are not eligible to vote at the annual general conference. The annual membership fee levels are:

* = required
Membership Annual Fee * Choose One
Diamond $5,000.00 New Renewal
Platinum $2,500.00 New Renewal
Gold $1,000.00 New Renewal
Silver   $500.00 New Renewal
Bronze   $200.00 New Renewal
* Company:
* Point of Contact:
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* Email:
On form completion, click continue and you will be redirected to our secure payment portal to complete your corporate membership payment. Thank you for your support!
* NOTE: all transactions in $US
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