Membership provides to the organization as a whole and individual member benefits that would not become reality without NGAUS on Capitol Hill lobbying for You. NGAUS represents all 54 States and Territories as one voice to fight for your individual benefits, force structure, new equipment and Operations and Maintenance funds, etc.. Call  802-999-7675 or email for more information!

What Your Membership Does For You

Member benefits for individuals include:

  • Representation on Capitol Hill fighting for your benefits
  • Access to exclusive professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to apply for scholarships
  • Insurance supplements designed for members of the National Guard
  • A monthly subscription to National Guard magazine
  • Exclusive access to articles and legislative analysis
  • Fellowship through social functions, benefit programs, and other activities for NGA-VT members and their families

The Association engages in activities incidental to the foregoing purpose:

  • To represent the Vermont National Guard to all appropriate federal and state legislative bodies and agencies to bolster and enhance readiness in support of our State and National mission.
  • To educate the public on the Vermont National Guard’s national security role, and its State and Federal missions.
  • To bolster the public image of the Vermont National Guard, encourage membership in the Army and Air National Guard, and promote the rights and benefits of present, former, and retired members of the National Guard.
  • To partnership with organizations and businesses within our community and to foster and improve the Vermont National Guard.