Membership provides to the organization as a whole and individual member benefits that would not become reality without NGAUS on Capitol Hill lobbying for You. NGAUS represents all 54 States and Territories as one voice to fight for your individual benefits, force structure, new equipment and Operations and Maintenance funds, etc.. Call  802-999-7675 or email for more information!

Board of Directors & Committees

Board of Directors

President: LTC Doran Metzger | 802-999-7675

1st Vice President: MAJ Jason Beams | 802-505-1282

2nd Vice President: Lt Col Jason Galipeau

Treasurer: 1LT Taylor Bergeron | 802-370-9126

Secretary: Maj Meghan Smith | 802-393-3624

Executive Director: LTC (RET) Steven Lamos | 802-782-8176

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Corporate Committee: MAJ Jason Beams | 802-505-1282

Retiree Director: LTC (RET) Sam ‘Wes’ Gould | 802-825-8008

VT Legislative Affairs: LTC Doran Metzger | 802-999-7675

Membership Director: CPT Adam Crogan | 802-363-9564

Resolutions: LTC Bob Burke | 802-777-0811

Scholarship / Awards Committee:
LTC Doran Metzger
MAJ Jason Beams
MAJ James Lewandowski

Bylaws Committee:
LTC Doran Metzger
LTC (RET) Steven Lamos

National Conference Committee:
LTC (RET) Steven Lamos
LTC (RET) Sam ‘Wes’ Gould