Membership provides to the organization as a whole and individual member benefits that would not become reality without NGAUS on Capitol Hill lobbying for You. NGAUS represents all 54 States and Territories as one voice to fight for your individual benefits, force structure, new equipment and Operations and Maintenance funds, etc.. Call  802-999-7675 or email for more information!
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Representing 50 States, 3 Territories and the District of Columbia

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  • The National Guard Association of Vermont (NGA-VT) exists for YOU – the Soldiers and Airmen of the Vermont National Guard
  • The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) represents all 54 States and Territories as one voice on Capitol Hill to ensure that the National Guard is funded and equipped on par with the Active Component.
  • NGA-VT supports NGAUS through membership and input on priorities and issues
  • NGA-VT provides professional development opportunities, scholarships, and hosts local events to promote fellowship and esprit de corps

Employer support of the guard and reserve

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Enhancing National Guard Cyber & Space Missions

The Issue The National Guard is and should continue to be a critical partner in developing, planning, and executing the Department of Defense strategy in cyberspace and the space domain. Recommendations Ensure the National Guard is fully resourced to support all...

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Allowing TSP Contributions Outside 401k Threshold

The Issue The law currently caps the amount of money individuals can annually contribute to one or multiple retirement accounts to $18,500. Servicemembers are therefore restricted from contributing $18,500 to each of their military and civilian retirement accounts....

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