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NGA-VT Membership-Processing Guidelines

I. Purpose and Need:

NGAUS sets our percentage membership goals based on the number officers assigned to each State as of 31 December for the membership year. Based on this number of officers and their respective rank, NGAUS formulates their operating budget.

For us to accurately gage and efficiently account for NGA-VT membership, we follow and task each unit representative to collect from all officers assigned to the respective unit and as of the 31 December date.

Understanding that some officers transfer between instate units and that some are officially attached or simply drill at different duty stations then the assigned unit, the State Membership expects the Unit Representative of the assigned officer to collect or ensure the custodial unit rep collects.

The State Membership Director has over 420 officer names to track. As most reps realize the challenges of tracking 30 to 40 officers, the rep can hopefully gain an appreciation and difficulties if the State Membership Director started moving too many names around and would quickly lose accountability. Hence, officers count against the unit assigned.

II. Submission of Due Payments:

Unit Representatives will submit due payments via checks made out to "NGA-VT." With the check, the Unit Rep will submit a list of the officer names (first & last name), rank, and individual amounts paid. The list should show a mathematical tabulation for the total dues amount for the respective submission. The check should then equal that same total. If the check includes additional payments such as Conference fees or Annual Ball Registration fees, please make special note on the submitted roster. If an officer is new to the VTNG, please forward local mailing address for individual also. Such record keeping is important for the State Officers (Treasurer and Membership Chair) when setting up records and during audits. The cost of having a third party auditor is an expense bared by our state membership fees and dependent on the ease of our tracking system. The time and care that the Unit Reps take means better service by the Executive Council who donate many hours of his and her time at the State level.

III. Delisting of Officers:

All units have a number of officers who are pending discharge; pending transfer to ING, Reserve Control Group, or Active Duty; pending inter-state transfer; or retiring during the current Calendar Year. Unit Representatives should identify these officers and provide the list of applicable names and status to the Membership Director not later than 15 January of the membership year. These names will go through a verification procedure and will be placed in a non-countable status for the respective unit. Officers who are remaining in the VTNG and simply transferring to another unit within state are not considered a pending loss for NGA-VT record purposes and are still carried against the originally assigned unit.

IV. Complimentary Membership:

All Officers newly commissioned and Commissioned Officers new to the National Guard are given their first year of NGAUS and NGA-VT membership free. Unit Reps must ensure the list of new officers is provided to the State Membership Chair at the earliest convenience. "New to the National Guard Officers" generally applies to officers who come to us from Active Duty or transfer to us from another Reserve Component type. (As of membership year 2003, all new members get the first partial year and the following full year free.)


  • Yes: An officer transferring from the Naval Reserve counts as a new to the NG officer.
  • No: An officer transferring from the Virginia National Guard would not count as a "new to the NG officer" category.

V. Active Lifetime Membership:

Officers may become lifetime members to the National Organization (NGAUS) upon payment of $1,000.00. The payment maybe made in a lump sum or over two years in four $250.00-installments. If an officer is interested in the lifetime membership, pleased complete the lifetime membership application with first payment or he or she should send inquiries directly to the State Membership Officer.

VI. Retired Lifetime Membership:

Retired Officers may become lifetime members to the National Organization (NGAUS) upon a onetime payment of $125 and completion of the retired officer lifetime application. Both must be submitted to the State Membership Officer.

VII. Contacting State Membership Officer:

POC: CPT Patrick Enriquez
789 National Guard Rd.
Camp Johnson, Colchester, VT 05446-3099
Day tell # (802) 338-4108; cell # (209) 298-0428
e-mail: patrick.e.enriquez.mil@mail.mil
NGA-VT mailing address: P.O. Box 694, Essex Jct., VT 05453

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